Sunday, August 17, 2008

Holla From Outer Space

Today marks a very serious event because I finally put up a blog for mommy, ate Jill and Kookoo! Yehey!!! To remind you, this blog is a FAMILY ONLY blog and I prefer it to stay just between us. If you like to share some posts or whatever to others coz you got excited or you just want to, PLEASE use good judgement with whom you share this to coz I want privacy and I don't want strangers knowing all the juicy details. There's only 4 of you authorized officially to view this blog (D is also authorized of course). Seriously, this is a family blog. I might could add other relatives or friends in the future but we'll see how it goes and it also depends on the content of my blog. For mommy's sake LOL means "laughing out loud." I don't know if you already know but I'm just telling you just in case you don't know LOL. Also for D's sake, I'll b using English as the primary language and I'll change it to English-Visayan when he'salready fluent in Visayan hahaha! Another reminder, I'm using the word "I" because I'll be the main blogger here but I "might" convince D to post if he wants to.

If you want your name changed on the blog, please tell me. When you all have Blogger accounts already, I will be changing the blog setting to selected viewers so it means there'll be no chance that strangers would see our blog not unless with approval from any of us.

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